Hypnotherapist in Nampa Idaho

Do you live in Nampa Idaho, and need help changing negative behaviors, releasing trauma or gaining control of an addiction?

Dan Pickel of Mind Matters Hypnosis is a Behavioral Engineer, who is an expert at helping clients change their mind. Dan has helped clients end addictions (stop smoking, quit alcohol, control sugar addictions, lose weight, even stop Meth addictions). Since 2017, Dan has helped clients reduce stress, lower anxieties, rewrite memories, and gain back control over countless areas of life. Unwanted behaviors, chronic pain, and PTSD are not life sentences. Believe it or not, you have the power and ability to change your mind and write a new future. And luckily, it doesn’t take years of therapy. His philosophy is why spend years to achieve a goal, when you can do it weeks?

The processes utilized by Dan Pickel of Mind Matters are specifically proven to help in many different ways.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: NLP is a psychological approach that analyzes the strategies (processes) used to accomplish both successful and unsuccessful behaviors. Then the processes used to create the unsuccessful behaviors are changed out for the successful processes, so clients experience change and have more choice of how to act and respond in the future. NLP works great to change triggers and those
autonomic responses you feel you have no control over.

Faster EFT:

Your behaviors are like software that run all your mental processes, and they’re written on the cortices of your brain through your past experiences (memories). Mind Matters takes these memories (or just the knowing there is a problem, when memories aren’t available), and has you put these memories on a shelf. Then Mind Matters work on these memories using Faster EFT, and each time you back to this shelf, you notice changes. Improvements. Faster EFT is a great therapeutic tool for
everything that bothers you, and is the go-to process to change traumas (PTSD & CPTSD).


Using trance induction, Mind Matters uses proven techniques to put clients into a heightened state of concentration and suggestibility. Once in a trance, the hypnotist uses language patterns and processes to help clients change subconscious resistance to the changes the client desires.
Once the subconscious and the conscious mind are on the same page, wanting the same objective, change becomes easy. There’s nothing that hypnosis doesn’t help!

But what about talk-therapy, EMDR, CBT, psychotherapy?

Mind Matters doesn’t provide traditional talk therapy that can take years to change a problem.

Mind Matters offers sessions in-office, or anywhere in the world via Zoom.

To book a session or consultation around the Nampa Idaho area: https://bookme.name/mindmatters
Or call 208-440-1551 to find out more!