“Dan is amazing! He takes time to listen and really delve into whatever issues you’re trying to address. His sessions have helped me become calmer and more focused. I highly recommend him to anyone who is hoping to make lifestyle changes.”

-Julie Hahn

“I went in last week to get hypnotized by Dan and I have already lost 7 pounds. Dan is fantastic at what he does and is such a professional at it. I am super excited to see the new me.Thank you so much Dan, the process was so simple and enjoyable and so much easier than any other way I had tried in the past to lose weight. I thought hypnosis was something totally different and was actually scared to go in, but Dan made me relaxed and happy.If you or anyone you know is looking to lose weight the easy way I suggest you go to Mind matters and see Dan!!!”

-Jennifer Schmidt

“Dan offers a safe, comfortable experience. He took the time to find my reasons for wanting to make a change. His calm demeanor balanced with his skill allowed me to relax enough to let go and follow his lead to being hypnotized. The results exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Mind Matters Hypnosis.”

-Fran Valentine

“My issue was a little different than what Dan is used to dealing with but he was very open and willing to try and help me. He took the time to make sure this was an experience geared toward me and what I was going through which was very helpful in gaining insight into my problem. Also, just feeling you have a safe place and having confidence in the person that is there to help and guide you was wonderful.”

-Keli Domeny

“Dan is a great hypnotherapist. He has been working with me remotely over the computer (I live in Oregon), to quit carbs and lose weight. After one session I quit soda and carbs without any headaches or cravings. After two sessions I am down 1 pant size and I am continuing to lose weight plus I feel wonderful. My next session is Tues when I am going to have him help me quit smoking.”

-Maggie Holaday