Alleviate chronic pain with hypnosis

Hypnosis can work wonders to alleviate the physical symptoms of pain. Before working with a new client to help him/her with pain, I need to know if the client is working with a physician for pain management. If a client is currently working with a physician for pain management, I need written consent from the client’s physician indicating it is okay to work with the client to lessen or remove the pain entirely. This must be obtained prior to the first visit.

About 50 million Americans (1 in 5) suffer from chronic pain. Through hypnosis, most pain can be dialed down or removed. Many folks feel like suffering with pain is their lot in life, and there is no way to bring about pain relief except through highly addictive drugs. This has resulted in an opioid crisis. But what if you were able to reduce or remove chronic paid without the use of drugs? Hypnosis makes this a possibility. Ask yourself, what would even a 20% reduction in chronic pain look like to you? How would it improve your life and your happiness?

It helps to look at pain as a signal. With hypnosis, this signal can be altered (lessened, redirected elsewhere or blocked). If you suffer from pain and are ready to get some relief, please call for a free consultation.