People start smoking for many different reasons. I remember when I had my first cigarette. I coughed repeatedly. I felt lightheaded. The smoke seemed to fill my nostrils and my mouth completely. It was acrid. Burning, in fact. The smoke seemed to fill up every inch of my head, causing me to choke uncontrollably. Yet despite my violent, horrible reaction to my first drag off a cigarette – I continued to smoke! With each puff, I felt worse. And with willful stubbornness I finished that first cigarette, because my goal was to learn to inhale, without coughing and looking like a wimp. If I was going to torture myself with cigarettes, I was at least going to look mature and cool while doing it. And unknowingly, I used every once of my willpower to engrain smoking into my mind.

My reasons for smoking were born from boredom and a desire to be liked. My “friends,” who gave me the cigarette and encouraged my wanton behavior, were Mark, Patrick and Kim. They were all experienced smokers and I was young enough that I really wanted to impress them. Ridiculous how I went out of my way to disgust, poison, and humiliate myself, all so I could form a decades long addictive habit with people I wouldn’t be friends with for even six months. And then where were Mark, Patrick and Kim when I tried my first Smoking Cessation process? Likely regretting their own poor decision, just as I was.

For far too long, I smoked a pack a day. Then in my thirties I went to a hypnotist in Boise to quit, and I ended up quitting on my first session. I was very happy with myself. What was most shocking, was learning it was me who had been giving power to cigarettes the entire time I thought I was addicted. Me, who had been telling myself quitting cigarette was more difficult than quitting illegal drugs. Me, who was telling myself I HAD to have a cigarette. The cigarette itself only meant what I told myself a cigarette meant. The cigarette itself wasn’t the problem. It was my mind! It was the belief attached to the thoughts of cigarettes, that was the problem. And once I saw that clearly, I didn’t need to leave cigarettes. The cigarettes left me! Just like that, the hardest thing I would ever do became the easiest thing I would ever do.

What stories do you tell yourself about smoking?
What belief systems, surrounding smoking, have you installed into your subconscious?
How long have you been telling yourself that you will quit? After this next cigarette. After this next pack. After this next carton.
When will the time be right for you, to change your mind on the entire subject of smoking?

I offer a Smoking Cessation program that consists of two sessions. By using Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, most folks (around 85%), quit on their first two-hour session. The second session is available for those who need a little extra boost.

Imagine what your life will look like and feel like, once you decide to quit smoking. What will you do with the money you save? What will you do with the savings from your health insurance? How will it feel to breathe easier? Smell better? What do you imagine people will say to you once you quit? What else will you be able to accomplish once you drop cigarettes for good?

If you are serious about wanting to quit, give me a call. I offer free consultations and would be happy to have a discussion about the process and what you may expect.

According to an independent University of Washington School of Medicine study, hypnotherapy has a 90.6% success rate in helping smokers permanently quit smoking.

Dan only accepts Smoking Cessation clients who genuinely want to quit. Before Dan agrees to take on a smoker, he asks they meet him in his office for a free consultation (which takes about 30 minutes). If after that 30 minutes, if Dan feels the client is ready and if the client agrees – then the sessions can be scheduled.