PTSD & Trauma

About 70% of Americans have experienced some type of trauma in their past, and some of these traumas become diagnosed as PTSD & C-PTSD. Unchanged, these traumatic experiences can lead to substance abuse, anxiety, agitation, numbness, exhaustion, confusion, dissociation, depression, suicidal thoughts….

There is a saying in Neuro-Linguistic Programming that states, “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood!” And nowhere is that more true than with FasterEFT. With FasterEFT, the client and I work as a team to go in and dial down or remove the trauma that is locked in memories,  then recreate the memories and make them good. By doing this, we change the negative mental references and make them positive. (No memories – no problem! Even if a client doesn’t have a specific memory to work with, the process still works with a person’s knowing that something happened, or a feeling that something is there.)

There are many therapy models out there that deal with trauma, PTSD & CPTSD. I see clients all the time who have had CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy. And there are many other processes out there that may help people with trauma. And the first place I start with a new client is to ask them if the memories play the same, feel the same, or if the “knowing” is still there. If I get a yes, then that’s my indication there is more to clean up.

With FasterEFT I work with clients on memory clusters (again, the knowing is sufficient). Each time we do a round of tapping and go back to the memories/knowing, the client can see what’s changed. The negative intensity may be reduced, or the colors in the images are changed, or the images or feelings shift and get further away or shrink, etc. FasterEFT takes the guesswork out of the whole change process because you, the client, get to see first-hand how a problem is shifting. It’s amazing!

Imagine how life will look when negative thoughts and emotions that have plagued you, often for years, are changed. What would change for the better in your professional life? How will these changes benefit your family? Your partner? Your pets? The quality of your sleep? Your overall health and wellbeing? 

It doesn’t have to take years of therapy. With FasterEFT, change is literally right at your fingertips. 

woman scared with people around