PTSD & Trauma

About 70% of American’s have experienced some type of trauma in their past, and for many of these people, PTSD is the result of such traumatic experiences.

Trauma and PTSD can affect every aspect of a persons’ life. The effects of it can spring forth at any time. Sometimes when you least expect it, your mind and body can be overtaken by your past experiences, and you can feel as if you’re being transported back in time to a traumatic incident. Both your mental experiences, and physical experiences, can be revived in these moments. Feeling, remembering, seeing, exactly what you felt, saw and experienced during those traumatic moments.

To quiet these past experiences, many people turn to substance abuse. And the result of the negative thoughts and emotions created by trauma, can lead to: anxiety, agitation, numbness, exhaustion, confusion, dissociation, depression, suicidal thoughts….

There is a saying in Neuro-Linguistic Programming that states, “It’s your mind, and you’re responsible for your results.” By using NLP and Hypnosis, I will help you dial down the intensity of past traumas so that old negative experiences have a reduced affect. So that when old thoughts or experiences appear in your mind, they appear darker, less in focus, farther away, and smaller to your psyche. This dissociation to past events puts the power of your emotions and reactions squarely back in your own two hands.

For many people, the wind can be taken out of the sails of past trauma in just one or two sessions. Imagine how life will look when negative thoughts and emotions that have plagued you, often for years, become minimized in just one to two weeks? What would change for the better in your professional life? How will this benefit your family? Your partner? Your pets? The quality of your sleep? Your overall health and wellbeing? And how surprised will you be to learn this change can happen, without even revisiting the old traumatic events that used to bother you?

It doesn’t have to take years of therapy. Results are typically experienced within one to two sessions.

woman scared with people around