I have had an office visit and an online group meeting with Dan. He is just incredibly amazing! I looked at myself after this past session and I look... read more

Breanah Sutton Avatar Breanah Sutton
October 17, 2022

I have been skeptic about hypnosis and EFT, thinking I’m going to quack like a duck with just a random word. But I decided what the hell, nothing has helped... read more

Marisa Lewis Avatar Marisa Lewis
March 31, 2022

I have loved working with Dan to help me get thru some past traumas. He is so respectful of me in the situations and so helpful in handling some... read more

Sarah Libengood (The Good Life Group) Avatar Sarah Libengood (The Good Life Group)
March 31, 2022

Dan is wonderful. His techniques are easy to learn. You can use them anywhere and anytime when you feel stressed.

C W Avatar C W
March 31, 2022

Dan is SO good at what he does. He has helped me release so much trauma and sadness. He has helped me understand things about myself that I never even... read more

Joe T Avatar Joe T
March 31, 2022

My experience with Dan has been nothing short of phenomenal. Full of care, love, wisdom, and understanding. Only been going to him for a handful of sessions now and already... read more

Trevor Powers Avatar Trevor Powers
March 31, 2022

Dan was super efficient at getting to the point at hand and moving through it I highly recommend him to my friends and colleagues and they all agree. You... read more

Essential Ninja Avatar Essential Ninja
March 31, 2022

Omg! Dan is Amazing!! I felt so comfortable going through the exercises he has you do and I felt mental relief from past hurts. I would highly recommend Dan to... read more

Julie Kuenzli Avatar Julie Kuenzli
March 3, 2022

Excellent! I was very impressed with Dan and his hypnosis techniques. I got way more out of the session than I had expected. The results have been good. I highly... read more

S Walther Avatar S Walther
October 31, 2021

My experience was phenomenal in every way. I was looking for more confidence and less excuses to help me with effective sales prospecting calls. I’ve only had one session and... read more

naomijanelle76 Avatar naomijanelle76
October 31, 2021

WE LOVE DAN! Dan is such a wealth of knowledge. He is very compassionate, and truly helps you get to the root cause of whatever is bothering you. I have... read more

Ellen Brisson-Capp Avatar Ellen Brisson-Capp
October 31, 2021

Dan was amazing! He was very thorough and methodical in his approach to my hypnosis. I appreciate the extra time he took and I think his attention to... read more

Jenifer Jaquith Avatar Jenifer Jaquith
October 31, 2020

Dan is highly intuitive, and the benefits I got from just two sessions were more than I expected. He is very professional but also kind and funny, the perfect combination... read more

Nichole Hunter Avatar Nichole Hunter
October 31, 2020

I went in for some NLP treatments and it was an amazing experience. Dan ❤️ is so gifted in this treatment💯%. I will continue with my appointments to solve all... read more

KIt Cat (Bubba) Avatar KIt Cat (Bubba)
October 31, 2020

Dan and the whole experience was wonderful. I feel it really helped me in so many ways. The relaxation and calm I felt after the Hypnosis was very beneficial,... read more

C Faith Avatar C Faith
October 31, 2020

I tried hypnosis locally with another practitioner (several sessions) a few years ago and had some positive results so decided to try it again. I had heard about Dan and... read more

Andrea Pettitt Avatar Andrea Pettitt
October 31, 2020

Dan is amazing! He takes time to listen and really delve into whatever issues you're trying to address. His sessions have helped me become calmer and more focused. I highly... read more

Julie Hahn Avatar Julie Hahn
October 31, 2019

I went in last week to get hypnotized by Dan and I have already lost 7 pounds. Dan is fantastic at what he does and is such a professional at... read more

Jennifer Schmidt Avatar Jennifer Schmidt
October 31, 2018

My issue was a little different than what Dan is used to dealing with but he was very open and willing to try and help me. He took the time... read more

Keli Domeny Avatar Keli Domeny
October 31, 2018

Dan offers a safe, comfortable experience. He took the time to find my reasons for wanting to make a change. His calm demeanor balanced with his skill allowed me to... read more

Fran Valentine Avatar Fran Valentine
October 31, 2018

Dan is a great hypnotherapist. He has been working with me remotely over the computer (I live in Oregon), to quit carbs and lose weight. After one session I quit... read more

Maggie Holaday Avatar Maggie Holaday
October 31, 2018